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This is not just a
training plan.

Prepare for your next trail, mountain or obstacle race using the dynamic training platform developed and used by world-class athlete Jon Albon.

Designed specifically for these endurance disciplines, AlbonApp gives you the knowledge and tools to become a better athlete. Based on Jon’s own career and experience, this powerful app will schedule and optimise your training to help you prepare for your next challenge.

For training to be sustainable, it needs to be varied and dynamic. That’s why flexibility, choice, and customisation are at the centre of this training platform. Discover a new and unique way of planning your training to ensure you peak your fitness when it matters the most! 

"The training planner you need to stay on track and smash your next trail, mountain or obstacle race. It’s like having a personal coach, but for 1/10 of the price."

what's included

Weekly training plan tailored to your goals and level

Bespoke season plan to help you see the bigger picture and stay on track

In-app stats and analytics to monitor progress and keep you accountable

Video guidance to help you navigate your basic training


Weekly training plan tailored to your goals and level

Bespoke season plan to help you see the bigger picture and stay on track

In-app stats and analytics to monitor progress and keep you accountable

now for

Exclusive coaching videos from our ever growing library

Advanced season planner to undertake multiple races

Follow along workout timers for those all important strength sessions

Nutrient advice for use in both daily training and racing

Enhanced workout library for those magic bullet sessions 

Greater ability to adapt your training to suit your specific needs

Access to our athlete community and support group 

per month

"It's not just a training plan"

The App

A professional athlete’s training volume and intensity changes over time. Simply add your races or challenges to generate a bespoke training program that will optimise your performance for competition. 


Training continuity is key for long-term success. To help you keep a healthy balance and achieve sustainable improvements over time, adapt the training program on a weekly basis by monitoring and adjusting your ‘training commitment’.
Life happens alongside training. To stay on top of your training and ensure you get the most out of each session, simply move individual workouts around to suit your schedule.


Get access to hundreds of cardio and strength workouts tailored to your discipline, including Jon’s all-time favourites and the ‘magic bullets’ which have helped him win world titles. Choose from different workout progressions to adapt the sessions to your current fitness level, allowing you to gradually build to performance increases.

Complete workouts using purpose-built timers with follow along exercise videos. 

Know when to train at what intensity using the all-important guide to RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion). Log workouts and insert post-workout notes to keep track of the important stuff. 

Elevate your performance like a pro by incorporating specific sessions earmarked for psychological, technical, and tactical components.


Get access to exclusive training guidance and racing tips directly from a world-class athlete. 
Develop an understanding of Jon’s approach to training including intensity, duration, and frequency so you can utilise the dynamic training platform to its full potential.
Monitor your progress using in-built analytics designed to help you stay on track and remain focused on what’s important for long-term success. 


the team

"By athletes for athletes"

The AlbonApp team is comprised exclusively of endurance trail and obstacle racers with a passion for training, racing and the outdoors.



As an endurance athlete Jon has won world titles across all of our training disciplines and more. For the past decade he has dominated in the world of OCR and shown his diversity by going on to win trail, sky and ultra running world championship events. With a different, more flexible, training approach, AlbonApp is Jon’s brainchild and guides the athlete through the same training system he has used himself for years. 


As a professional trail runner, Henriette’s ability to run in the mountains is dwarfed only by her organisational skills, which have been vital to both Jon’s success as an athlete and the realisation of AlbonApp. 



As an accomplished Spartan racer and dedicated athlete alongside his day job as a software engineer, Lou was by far the hardest worker on the team even before he started turning Jon’s fanciful ideas into a workable digital solution. 


As someone who has been competing in obstacle course races for as long as Jon, Ross’s experience as an athlete is not to be underrated. In recent years he has also taken to running with a camera and makes a living as a professional videographer. As chief stylist and producer of all things media, Ross is responsible for making AlbonApp look as good as it functions. 

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